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Trade Kings general manager Lux Subramaniam

Bigtree cornflakes on market

TRADE Kings Group has launched the Bigtree Cornflakes brand on the market, with a call on farmers to cultivate more yellow maize to feed its supply chain. Group head of corporate affairs Bridget Kambobe says the launch of the project has come at the right time when Government is calling for increased value addition on agro-produce. Ms Kambobe said the raw material used in the manufacture of the cornflakes is yellow maize, which farmers can cultivate and supply to the firm. “The company is committed to supporting smallholder farmers, providing them with security through grower schemes. This improves their income through provision of a ready market for their produce,” she said. Ms Kambobe said the launch of the Bigtree cornflakes is a milestone in achieving import substitution. She said currently, the Zambian market has CLICK TO READ MORE