B’flow offers Kwacha for P-Jay’s headstone

B’FLOW performing in Kapiri Mposhi last week during the commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child. PICTURE: CHAMBO NG’UNI

IT IS hard to know where to start from with B’FLOW’s-1,200 word press release. Like sports writer Sid Low said in his blog following the Valencia and Real Betis La Liga game last weekend, which witnessed nine goals, most of them towards the end of the match, it is not an easy decision.

“You could start at the start or you could start at the end, but it’s hard to even know where the start is, and what most people thought was the end wasn’t the end at all,” Sid wrote in his blog. “In fact, maybe that was the start? More than the start was, anyway: at 8.45pm on October 15, kick-off time in the penultimate game of week eight, it was 32 degrees in Seville, but that turned out to be the least remarkable thing of all. It wasn’t even the most startling stat. Confused? So was just about everyone else. Confused but thrilled, as exhilarated as they were exhausted.”
It was the same thing with B’FLOW statement.
“Because this is a matter of public interest, I would like to publicly announce what I have decided to go forward and I hope it puts the P-Jay tombstone issue to rest,” B’flow wrote at the end of his press release. “I hereby offer the prize money from the 2017 KMA [Kwacha Music Award] Best Humanitarian Award that I won last week towards the purchase of P-Jay’s headstone (not tombstone). If the family will give me a go ahead, I will make the purchase myself or through my team.”
Well, that was not even the end line.
“This press release is not in any way intended to discredit P-Jay’s family. It is meant to clear my name from accusations labelled against me by some sections of the public. I thank you,” the release ended.
The genesis of it all is that there have been some speculative remarks and accusations made by several individuals on social media pertaining to the late P-Jay’s tombstone. Pictures and videos of P-Jay’s grave have been taken and put on social media to show the current state of the grave.
“Most people have accused me and others of fundraising for a tombstone but I have never said a word. The reason I have not been responding to the accusations is because I do not think it is good for me or anyone who has helped P-Jay’s family to start listing the things that we have done to help,” he said.
“However, I think it is important for me to correct every person who has been publishing misleading information meant to tarnish the image of some Zambian artistes (including myself) by accusing us of squandering money meant for the late P-Jay’s tombstone.
“It is also sad to observe that P-Jay’s family has not defended me whenever the public has put the blame on me regarding the alleged misappropriation of funds raised from initiatives meant to help them. Indeed, it is true that you cannot please everyone.
“I would like to clear my name by stating that I have never organised, attended or participated in any P-Jay memorial/fundraising concert, for personal reasons. It is saddening to read comments that mix my personal success and international tours with the P-Jay tombstone fracas. But why? I wonder.”
Well, the long and the short of it is that he is willing to put up a headstone at P’Jay’s grave.

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