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Beware of immoral, fake pastors on rampage

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
IT IS not surprising that some so-called men of God prey on women because they have proved to be more gullible than their male counterparts.
Some women seem to have so much trust in these people that they even trust them with the daughters, some as young as nine years old.
In such cases, you find that these men end up defiling their daughters that is when such parents realise that one cannot be too trusting when it concerns the welfare of their children.
Don’t misunderstand me, there are some men of God out there who are genuine but what annoys me is to see those who want to use the name of God for their selfish motives. I think that is unforgiveable to say the least.
To some of these pastors, instead of doing the work of God, it has turned to be a business to prey on the desperate.
Such characters are the ones tarnishing the names of those who genuinely want to work for God.
Even the Bible says freely you shall receive, freely give. So why is it that some women are ready to give up their last penny because some pastor out there has ordered them to do so?
I have been prompted to write about this subject when I heard a story of a friend who narrated how her neighbour was taken advantage of by a pastor who she met as she walked home.
As this woman walked home, she met a man who approached her and told her he was a pastor. He told her what she wanted to hear, which is being married, wealth and all the good things in life.
Falling for this line, the woman gave the pastor an audience who told her that her sibling was behind her misfortunes.
The man also told her that her brother was behind the death of their mother and the cause of the misfortune in her life.
When the brother heard what the man had to say, he chased him and warned him that he would have him thrown behind bars if he continued masquerading as a pastor.
Unfortunately, the woman fell for the man’s lies as he was merely playing on her psychology. The next thing, the man moved into her house. Yes, a stranger she had just met.
Seven months down the line, her brother suddenly became the enemy as she was convinced that he was the bad guy.
As is expected, the woman fell pregnant. Six months down the line, she tried to abort after this man gave her a concoction to drink. She ended up hospital.
While she lay in hospital, the man who had remained at her home packed his belongings as well as other items that did not belong to him. His intention was to steal from this woman and find his next prey.
Fortunately, alert neighbours noticed him and dragged him to the police station.
This is just one of the many stories that we hear about of such men taking advantage of people’s desperation.
Again, I emphasise, there are genuine men of God out there but some have seen a loop hole into taking advantage of the desperate.
Fellow women, please let’s not be desperate.
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