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Beware of false prophets

Dear editor
IF IT is true that a named pastor of Kitwe’s Buchui-Kamitondo township turned into a “snake” during prayer and healing session, then those who rush to visit prophets for healing must be on the look-out.
That man was exposed as one of the many magicians wearing the coat of pastors and prophets. These men and women of “God” have done enough research and have concluded that what this generation needs are “miracles”.
This generation is ready to part away with anything even to be undressed just to be cleansed or have a baby, get promoted, get a job or indeed have financial breakthrough. That is why they hide in the name of Christianity.
Those who grew up in the late 70s would agree with me that magicians were common and would visit schools to perform their “miracles” at a fee. Now that no one wants to be associated with magic, they have changed names into prophets and deceive many, including the elect.
You can only distinguish a false prophet from a true one if the latter follows the 10 Commandments of the Lord which were given to Moses and hand-written by God on a tablet. Even in the time of Moses magicians were around and they performed their usual miracles and many followed them.
If one visits a prophet and is not told to repent, just know that they are on the wrong side of the law. So beware of false prophets because in the end they will perform greater miracles than what Jesus did, even commanding mountains to move. So test them. May the reader be blessed.