‘Better farming technologies key to food security’

water irrigation of potato field on sunny day

GOVERNMENT will continue promoting improved farming technologies aimed at maximising the production of drought-tolerant crops like sorghum.
Rufunsa District Commissioner Judith Chama said crops such as sorghum will be supported to enhance household food security and income sources.
During a field day for Agriculture Productivity Programme for Southern Africa (APPSA) sorghum dissemination sub-project, Ms Chama said Government has partnered with the World Bank through APPSA to increase awareness and adoption of improved sorghum technologies for enhanced production.
The event, held at Chimusanya Agriculture Camp, was organised by the Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI).
She said the APPSA project has come at an opportune time when most smallholder farmers have not yielded enough crops due to the partial drought that affected most areas of the district READ MORE

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