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Best to be content with what you have

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
AS HUMAN beings, we never seem to be content with what we have.
As the saying goes, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
Sometimes, it may seem that what we have is not good enough and end up admiring what the next person has.
This is a story of a married man who dated a woman for years to a point where his wife got to know about the affair.
The wife was miserable because the husband went further to start a family with his mistress. She initially did not know but someone who sympathised with her tipped her that there was a woman the husband was usually seen with frequently.
The wife and girlfriend had several confrontations but the latter was not ready to let up, especially that the man claimed he did not want anything to do with his wife only that she was clinging on to him.
The girlfriend believed his lies and continued having children with him. When she had her third child, the wife again confronted her, warning her she had had it with the man in question. She wished the girlfriend all the best with the affair.
The wife packed up her belongings and started life anew. She took her two children along with her. On child support, she did not complain, he loved his children despite his promiscuous behaviour.
They say what goes round comes around. The same way the man treated his first wife is the same way he treated his second wife. When the second wife was a girlfriend, she was convinced that the problem was with the man’s wife. As soon as she became his wife, bad karma set in.
He started seeing someone else and the same lies were again at play. When the man fell ill, his second wife left and the man’s family got in touch with the first wife to take her role as the rightful wife. She declined, saying when she had problems with the man, none of his relatives came to her rescue. They left her to carry the cross on her own. She said some would even visit his many girlfriends. When she complained to her in-laws, she was told that it is the nature of men to be promiscuous.
It took church elders to come in to try and pacify the situation. She was advised not to be bitter towards the husband, especially that he was the father to her children. She said she felt betrayed by her in-laws.
To cut the long story short, the man died and the woman did not drop a tear because, according to her, she had cried for so many years because of how the man mistreated her.
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