‘Best of Ty2’ coming


TWO weeks after releasing the single One Heart, hip hop artiste Ty2 has followed it up with another single titled Nakula, which he says will be on his next project that he has titled Best of Ty2. Ty2 has so far released three songs that will be on his next project namely My Summertime, One Heart and his recent one Nakula.
“There are two new songs, One Heart which is actually premiering tomorrow on Zambezi Magic zed top 10. These are singles that I’m going to put on the Best of Ty2 album that I’ll be releasing pretty soon. All these singles will be on that album with some of the old songs,” he said.
He said he will release two more songs and he will pick others from his past albums to be on the Best of Ty2 album.
Ty2 says he had been away from the industry for a long time and that is why he is releasing a lot of songs.
He said the song Nakula talks about a guy who was playful in a relationship and later realises that he felt something real for his partner and is saying he has grown ,all the partying, clubbing is in the past and wants a committed relationship.
It was produced by Kidman and Ronny prod. He did not feature anyone.
“For now, I’ve just been doing all the songs myself, it’s a deliberate move because I was out of the industry for a long time so I’m just putting out as much material as possible so that when I start working on Collaborations, i would’ve established the music back into most people’s minds.
Also sometimes when you feature a person, it’s more like that person’s vibe is making people wake up. So, since I do both, I can sing and rap I’ve been doing everything myself for now,” Ty2 said.
Apart from working on the Best of Ty2 album, he is also recording songs from his gospel album which he says he will release soon.
He said he might release both albums at the same time.
“This year, there’s more videos coming from my album Ty2 featuring Ty2. For the next album, it will have five new songs and songs from all the albums I’ve done. I’m just looking at a maximum of twelve to fourteen songs on the Best of. That’s why I’m calling it the Best of Ty2 of but for certain people not to feel like why is he giving us old music, hence the new music,” he said.

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