We are Berliner

‘We will provide you with a newspaper with content that is of highest quality’


The Zambia Daily Mail has changed format into a Berliner. This is to give you, our valued reader, a compact, portable and re-freshened media product, full of new features and trendier design.
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Joseph Katema has commended the Zambia Daily Mail Limited for being innovative despite limited capital injection.
“I note that the Zambia Daily Mail is rebranding in three key areas.  It is rebranding its flagship – the newspaper, from a broadsheet and a tabloid to a Berliner,” he said.
He noted that while the Berliner format is comparatively new in Zambia, the  cross-breed of a broadsheet and a tabloid is notably trendier and more portable in the current newspaper dispensation.
Dr Katema said with the new innovations, Government is confident that the media house will continue to contribute positively to a well-informed public.
He said what the Zambia Daily Mail Limited was doing is commendable and consistent with Government’s desire to see that all  state-owned enterprises flourish and are able to stand on their own financially.
Dr Katema said a well-informed population is a pre-requisite for sustainable social and economic development.
“Government is happy that Zambia Daily Mail Limited has, and continues, to take various measures to improve its operations” he said.
Dr Katema cited the development of a three-year strategic plan which ends next year and the acquisition of computer-to-plate (CTP) machine commissioned last year, which has drastically reduced production time.
And speaking at the launch in Lusaka last night, Zambia Daily Mail Limited board deputy chairperson Tamala Kambikambi said the Berliner would take the newspaper into the first world of media publishing in the country and beyond.
Despite these challenges the company was realistically hopeful that it would achieve its goals through various innovations such as the rebranding of the newspaper and launch of the Heidelberg four-colour litho printing press a month ago.
“Today we are launching the rebranding of the Zambia Daily Mail. I urge you to engage the Daily Mail for the various paper printing needs that include products ranging from business cards, leaflets and posters to magazines and books.
“We assure you of quality work delivered in good time,” she said.
Ms Kambikambi said the Zambia Daily Mail Limited was fully aware of government’s expectations of state-owned enterprises and pledged the company’s continued commitment to fulfilling its mandate.
Zambia Daily Mail managing director Bryson Mumba said the journey towards the rebranding of the newspaper started last year when the board and management developed the 2013–2015 strategic plan.
“In the strategic plan is an action to rebrand by end of fourth quarter of 2015 and we are proud to say that we are ahead of schedule,” he said.
He said the company values readers, advertisers and other stakeholders for making the Zambia Daily Mail the great brand that it is and would continue to count on them to make it even better.
The launch was attended by a cross section of society including Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska, permanent secretaries and Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata.
The company did not have a choice but to take the bold decision to rebrand its product in response to the challenges that had come with advancements in technology.
She said the rebranding of the Zambia Daily Mail would make it more visible as a newspaper, and online publication across Zambia and the rest of the world.
Ms Kambikambi assured readers, advertising, and printing clients that the company would continue to provide them with quality services.
“We will provide you with a newspaper with content that is of highest quality from across the country,” she said.
“Our website is available 24/7; we will provide you with advertising platforms that are available to a verifiable audience.”
Ms Kambikambi said the Zambia Daily Mail had a well spelt-out editorial policy and guidelines that ensured that news was gathered and disseminated professionally.
She said the board, management and employees were determined to turn the Zambia Daily Mail Limited into a financially viable entity in line with the central objective of its 2013-2015 strategic plan.
Ms Kambikambi said the company was vigorously implementing the strategic plan to transform the morph into Zambia’s preferred source of news without compromising on journalistic ethics.

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