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HAMBE (right) charges towards stepbrother, Cephas.

Benson Vs Hambe: Mpali’s comic factor

MOSTLY it is the lead actors in movies who receive the loudest applause, but supporting actors contribute greatly to the success of some films and are the reason why other productions fail.
This is true for Mpali, a Zambezi Magic drama series that has continued thrilling viewers from the time it premiered in October last year, thanks to its skilled actors and actresses.
Those who have been following the TV series could attest that actors like Benson Logic, born Cosmas Ng’andwe, and Hambe (Shazzy Phiri) have greatly contributed to the storyline that gets thousands of viewers glued to their small screens every evening.
Although both actors are not lead characters, their roles blend perfectly well in a storyline that is centred on Nguzu, a rich man married to six women. All the women live with Nguzu on his farm.