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Benos committed to High Court

HIGH Court.

DIRECTOR of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Lillian Shawa has committed to the High Court a Lusaka woman, Tshiabu Benos, who is accused of murdering her lover and Auto Force proprietor Reeves Malambo.

Recently, Benos applied for a preliminary inquiry in which she accused Mr Malambo, 48, of wanting to decapitate her.
In the application filed by lawyer Barnabas Bwalya, Benos said on January 29 this year, Mr Malambo allegedly locked her up in the bedroom where he attempted to decapitate her using a knife he got from the pantry.
She further stated that it was during the struggle for her life that Mr Malambo got injured and subsequently died at the hospital where he was rushed for treatment.
Benos said on the material day, Mr Malambo had made several phone calls and sent her messages threatening to kill and decapitate her.
She said as per procedure after being arrested, the arresting officer confiscated her Samsung phone as part of the evidence to be used in court.
She, however, said the phone was given to Mr Malambo’s daughter, Nkombo, who allegedly deleted everything that was on her phone.
When the matter came up yesterday so that the State could respond to Benos’ application for a preliminary inquiry, State prosecutor Charles Nyambe said the court had received instructions from the DPP to commit the accused to the High Court.
“Your honour, the accused is present before this court for a response regarding the application made by the defence team, but before we proceed, there is a new development from the office of the Director of the Public Prosecutions,” Mr Nyambe said.
And magistrate Albert Mwaba said the matter could not be heard since the accused had been committed to the High Court by the DPP.
“It is clear that the issue of a response from the State has been overtaken by events. Therefore, I hereby commit the accused to the High Court. This means that the accused will stop appearing before this subordinate court but before the High Court. The dates will be communicated,” he said.
In this matter, Benos, of Ibex Hill, is accused of murdering Mr Malambo after a fight either on January 29 or 30 this year.


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