Beit Cure receives blood bank refrigerator

Beit Cure hospital.

SMEC, a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, has donated a blood bank refrigerator worth US$8,500 to Beit Cure Hospital.

The refrigerator has the capacity to hold 50 bags of blood at the same time.
It can also keep blood at optimum temperature for two weeks even in the absence of electricity.
SMEC country manager Manengu Musambo said during the handover of the refrigerator on Friday that the donation is part of the company’s social corporate responsibility.
“As SMEC, we understand the value of life, so we decided to donate to Beit Cure Hospital because it deals especially in offering free surgeries to children,” he said.
Mr Musambo said the services offered by the hospital are more than just medical care as it also provides educational services to children.
“Our hope is that this donation will help foster the future of the many children who are treated at the hospital as they are leaders of tomorrow,” he said.
Mr Musambo said Beit Cure Hospital is an institution for the poor and needs a lot of support from the corporate world.
SMEC regional human resource officer Meekness Chiluba said the company intends to give back to the community as part of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.
And Beit Cure Hospital executive director Steven Hitt said the donated blood bank refrigerator is the first the institution has owned since its establishment about 10 years ago.
He said the health institution has been depending on the University Teaching Hospital for blood.
Mr Hitt said having the blood bank at Beit Cure Hospital will enable the institution to have blood readily available for patients.

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