BEIT Cure conducts 35 free surgeries a week on kids

BEIT Cure Hospital conducts about 35 free surgeries a week on children, executive director Steve Hitt has said.
Mr Hitt said in an interview recently that the hospital only carries out surgeries on about five adult patients weekly with a moderate pricing structure.

He said the surgeries, which are conducted include orthopaedic, ear, nose,throat,hearing aids and cardiology testing services.

“We do not charge for our service offered to children up to the age of 18 and the families who come to take care of them are also given free accomodation and three meals a day,” he said.
Mr Hitt said 70 percent of the patients attended to at Beit Cure Hospital are from within Lusaka, while 30 percent come from other parts of the country.
He however said all the surgeries conducted at the hospital are scheduled.
“We do not attend to emergency operations like maybe patients coming in with traumatic injuries and from accidents. All our surgeries are scheduled which gives our doctors time to carry out thorough examinations on the patient and ascertain their condition,” Mr Hitt said.
He said the hospital is privileged to have internationally trained anaesthesia artists and micro doctors qualified in paediatric anaesthesia and clubfoot treatment, among others.
Mr Hitt said the hospital also caters for physical and speech therapy and x-ray services.
He said the only challenge the hospital is facing is getting the message to people that all services for children at the hospital are free.
Mr Hitt said people need to understand that Beit Cure Hospital is a charity institution whose aim is to better people’s lives.
“That is why aside from offering treatment to our patients, we also reach them with the gospel of God and give an opportunity to children to have an education during their admission through our hospital teacher,” he said.


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