Being best is virtue always


BEATRICE Tembo, a recipient of the Indo-Zambia Bank best banking and finance award at last Friday’s Mulungushi University graduation ceremony, is excited and anxious. As a girl child-cum-youth, she sees the accolade as a huge responsibility she has been given. “I need to be diligent and committed to what has been put on my shoulders,” Ms Tembo says of the honour bestowed on her. The 23-year-old best graduating student is clear about her academic career; she did not go to the university to just play and clear courses. “From the beginning, I wanted to be the best,” Beatrice says. Resilience helped her endure even when quitting seemed the easiest way at times. “I did not despair when I had small setbacks because there was always room for improvement. I kept a positive mindset in all the academic challenges,” Beatrice recalls. She always kept her 46-year-old devoted mother, Liberator Nyirenda, at the back of her mind when it all seemed impossible.
Her mother, a retiree, is now doing business. “The sacrifices she has made did not allow me to fail her. I had so much support and encouragement from my family and friends who believed in me more than myself, and that just drove me to be strong and committed,” Beatrice says. Her advice to the girl child aspiring for a tough career like hers is not to be over-excited. “This is the era where you enjoy your youth as well as mould yourself to who you are going to be as an adult. “Be diligent, committed, consistent and ethically hard-working. Do not waste your future, make it bright. Continue soaring high and be the best at everything,” she says. Currently working as a trainee sales/administration manager at Shoprite Group of Companies, Beatrice has also urged girl-children to put every interest of their own and do what is best for CLICK TO READ MORE

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