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Behind Madagascar’s Penguins

Title: Penguins
Genre: Comedy, Animation
Director:  Eric Darnelle, Simon J Smith
Time: 1 hour 37mins
MADAGASCAR’S black and white geniuses take centre stage on the big screen. They might not have fingers or height but these penguins really have what it takes to break in or out of any sticky situation.
Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private join forces with a top secret agency to help battle the villain Dr. Brine who is set on destroying them.
The penguins team up with an explosive expert seal and other sea animals to battle it out, providing lots of laughs and thrills.
They don’t disappoint and the movie is suitable for kids and adults.

The sequel to Horrible Bosses sees Jamie Foxx reprise his role as Dean Jones who gives criminal advice to Dale, Kurt and Nick, who have started their own business but still manage to find trouble.
This time around the boys are looking to kidnap and implicate their foes in a high stakes scheme.
You can still catch Dumber and Dumber 2 and Hunger Games: The Mocking Jay.

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