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Beer endangers marriage

A LUSAKA housewife has begged the Matero Local Court to dissolve her 17-year-old marriage because her husband is a drunkard.
Sevina Soko, 40, complained that her husband Kennedy Miti, 38, from the same township has caused a lot of problems in their marriage because of his uncontrollable love for alcohol.
Soko told senior court magistrates Pauline Newa and Lewis Mumba that she got married to Miti in 1998 and that the two have three children together. She, however, said Miti did not pay her bride price.
“His love for beer has created major problems in our marriage. Because of his drinking habit, he has failed to be the man of the house and take his responsibility as a father and husband serious,” she said.
But Miti denied neglecting his responsibilities as a family man because of his love for alcohol. He complained that Soko does not perform her duties as a housewife.
“I buy all the requirements for house yet she doesn’t even do my laundry. One day, I got home to find she had packed all my clothes because she didn’t want me there anymore. She has even turned the children against me,” he said.

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