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GOSPEL artiste Pompi will perform in Malawi this December.

‘Become’ is Pompi’s mantra

GOSPEL artiste Pompi, who released his last album Broken English in 2014, is this Thursday set to release his third album, which he has titled Become.
Pompi says he likes to share music when he has something to say and he did not have anything, the reason it has taken him four years to do a follow-up album.
“Become is me calling people to discover what it is that God has created them for. I’m for the perspective that you don’t look for a job, you’re born with a job,” he says.
“I believe everyone is born with a gift, even inside, God created us with knowledge and talent. Education is there to train you within your gifting, not that it is there to give you a gift because all gifts are given by God, so I’m encouraging people to become what it is that God created them for.”
The album has 14 tracks.
He says it took him seven months to prepare by reading and studying the Bible and getting to know sources of inspiration.
The actual recording took him two months.
Unlike other projects where he worked with only Mag44 as the producer, this time around, Pompi worked with others like Mixtizo. On the album, he features Tasha, Mag44, James Sakala, Tim and Solomon Plate.
Pompi says his inspiration comes from the fact that God has created each one with gifts and it is just a matter of discovering what one is gifted with.
“My perspective is that birds don’t have poverty alleviation meetings, they don’t commit suicide. My opinion is that birds and these animals don’t have the gift of free will, so they’re automatically plugged in to God’s will,” he explains.
“So, in the same way, God doesn’t want us to worry because he created birds and animals with abilities that they use to survive.
“We’re the ones with the perspective that we need to gain a particular qualification or get into an institution and that’s where we find purpose, that we’re given the purpose. But I disagree with that, I don’t think we’re given purpose, we’re born with purpose, it’s a question of discovering.”
He says it is difficult for him to pigeon hole the album in a particular genre because it is a combination of all his inspirations with regard to music genres.
Pompi says the only difference is that the inspirations that he used on this album are not the ones he used on his previous albums.
The three singles that he had earlier released Silence, Kapena and No Wele will be part of the album.
Other songs on the album are Peanut Butter No Jam, Niniveh and the title-track Become.
He will release two more videos from the album.
“My fans should expect an experience, me telling stories of my journey, hopefully it will be beneficial for them to find their way through their personal journey,” Pompi says. “I hope I can inspire them to become.”