Letter to the Editor

Beating of woman barbaric and inhumane

Dear editor,
IT HAS been repeatedly said that social media should not be abused. To the contrary, the social media has been abused

by those who have access to the internet.
Some old and young people have continued abusing social media by posting sex videos and nude pictures of themselves in some cases with impunity, much to the annoyance of many individuals.
The case in point is the video currently circulating, depicting a young woman being beaten and stripped by fellow women in full view of the men. The victim in the video was alleged to be a prostitute, but humiliating her in such a manner is not right. Worse still, women were the ones in the forefront of abusing their fellow woman.
Whatever crime a person commits people must not take the law in their own hands. This is because proper procedures have to be followed in dealing with a suspect. Moreover, the law states that every person is innocent until proved guilty.
Zambia is a country governed by laws which should be adhered to. Lawlessness has no place in our country.
In conclusion, I condemn such a barbaric and inhumane act inflicted on the woman by the heartless women.

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