‘Beads and Lipstick’ tie

PRECIOUS Kapinga from Zambezi district in the North-Western province and Isabel Nkoleware from Lusaka’s Makeni area were last Friday crowned joint winners of the Muvi TV Beads and Lipstick reality show that started airing in January this year.

The finale was broadcast live from Mika Hotel in Lusaka’s Kabulonga last week Friday evening on Muvi TVs ‘The Zed TV channel.’
The reality show pitted eight town girls and eight village girls against each other by swapping their natural environments to see how they would adapt.
While producers of the show were hoping to get one overall winner, this did not happen because of the voting system used during the finale.
However, Muvi TV general manager and director of production and technical services Angel Phiri said it would have been unfair to extend the voting days.
“The idea was to have one overall winner, and even when announcing results during the competition, it was percentage based,” he explained. “But instead of the percentages, we announced the points during the finale which could not add up.”
Following the finals, Muvi TV apologised to its viewers for announcing the show’s results as percentages, saying the contestants were being judged out of 50, based on viewers’ votes, contestants’ adaptation to their environment and performance during tasks given.
“The votes stand as they are with two winners who scored 45 points each out of 50. We sincerely apologise for this mistake,” the Muvi TV statement posted on their Facebook page read.
That statement attracted backlash from viewers who expressed their disgust and disappointment at how results were calculated and announced, alleging that the contestant Radona had been robbed in broad daylight.
“The reality show started very well and in the end you ruined it because of your own selfish desires,” one comment read. “It was all about adapting and eventually it became a talent show. I knew that you were only after manipulating Radona’s votes.”
A lot of viewers seemed to suspect that there was some vote manipulation which disadvantaged their favourite contestant from winning.
The overall prize for the reality TV competition that received thousands of entries during the audition stage was K1 million. This amount will be split between the two winners.
For the duration of the reality show, the town girls were referred to as the ‘Lipsticks’ while the village girls were called the ‘Beads.’
The show was screened live on Muvi TV’s the Zed TV channel from the locations of Kabulonga, where the ‘Beads’ were residing and Chief Chikanta’s area in Southern province which became the temporary home of the ‘Lipsticks.’


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