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Be wary of online shopping – ZABS

THE Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has urged consumers to be wary of online shopping to avoid being duped of buying sub-standard products.
ZABS head of marketing and public relations Hazel Zulu said even though a website is a faster and convenient way of shopping, it is difficult to judge the quality of a product online.
Mrs Zulu said consumers should be alive to the fact that the advent of the digital age has had a significant impact on the manner in which businesses and traders are conducting business, with some vendors promoting online shopping.
“ZABS would, however, like to remind consumers that the same rights they enjoy when buying from a shop should apply when they buy online. Consumers should demand the right to information, the right to choose and the right to safe products, among others,” she said this in a statement availed to the Daily Mail last week.
She said consumers are also advised to check terms and conditions carefully before making a purchase online so that they understand what service or product they are paying for.
Mrs Zulu advised that consumers need to shop around to enable them to compare prices on different sites and be able to ask questions so that they get value for their money.
She said ZABS will continue to sensitise the public on issues of safety and quality assurance for safety.
Meanwhile, Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) international centre coordinator Chenai Mukumba said despite the benefits of new-age technologies, consumers should be aware of the many risks that encompass the development.
Ms Makumba, however, said consumers should use information and communication technologies (ICTs) effectively to contribute to economic development.
She said the impacts on productivity can be increased if market information is readily available through information facilitated by mobile service providers.