Letter to the Editor

Be vigilant on medicines

Dear editor,
I WISH to comment on an advertisement by Pharmanova, who, in conjunction with the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA), is recalling a batch of tablets, batch number 550520, packed as 50×2’s, up to the household level.
The recall is necessary. Product-related problem in pharmaceutical industry is unavoidable but can be minimised. This tells that our people consuming the products are alert, the professionals dispensing are alert and ZAMRA is on the ground. Wherever the source of identification came from, it must be appreciated.
To the people who have already consumed the product, they need to be vigilant and if anything strange is noticed, they need to go to a health facility urgently where they will be helped. If the illness was due to the product under recall, further consultations can be done and the responsible company is liable depending on the authorities’ ruling.
Several sources of contamination can occur ranging from human err to processes problems. The raw materials also can be a source of problem.
Let our communities and professionals be alert when dispensing medicines paying attention to quality, by ensuring optimum environmental conditions of storing medicines are used and maintained.
Let ZAMRA pay an extra eye as always to what is distributed to the people of Zambia by carrying out random regular analysis. The manufacturers need to adhere to the conditions of their manufacturing certificate by putting the consumers first.

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