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Batoka-Maamba road deteriorates

HEAVY truckloads laden with coal from Sinazongwe and Maamba coal mines negotiate corners on the deplorable and precarious Batoka-Maamba road daily.
On my recent trip to this part of Southern Province, I counted not less than 50 trucks passing through Sinazeze near Sinazongwe in a day.
The heavy loads of coal that these trucks carry have taken a toll on the once smooth road over the years.
The 88 kilometres road is almost becoming impassable with what used to be potholes now becoming gullies.
A once paved road now is remaining with patches of tar, with the vast part of it being dusty gravel stretches, of course with gullies.
On average, driving through this road should be about two hours, but now this trip takes about five to CLICK TO READ MORE