Basking in Nkoya traditions

BANGOMBA playing drums. Picture right, the Kazanga, a sacred place where the harvested food and brewed traditional beer are kept. PICTURES: MUNDIA WAMUNYIMA

LOOKING back, there was a special reason why thousands of people from within and outside Kaoma were in town for the Kazanga traditional ceremony, which is about thanksgiving to Nyambi (God).
The unique ceremony, which is also meant to celebrate the Nkoya traditions of music and other traditional practices, draws Nkoyas from Southern, Central, North- Western and Western provinces to the venue at Mangoongi, about 20 kilometres north of Kaoma district.
In fact, the arrivals into Kaoma start a few days before the main ceremony especially if you want to secure reasonable accommodation. Fortunately for this year, the Kazanga organising committee built permanent structures for the ceremony, which was held before the Heroes and Unity holidays.
Performers, mainly villagers and school-going children from all over Nkoyaland and many other traditional dancing ensembles, had converged on the ceremony site on the eve of the first day of the ceremony.
However, they had spent nights there to prepare for their public performances. The shilimba (xylophone) and drums are played the whole night to sharpen their skills.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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