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Basics about bold colours

HOPE you are enjoying the warm weather so far. It’s about to get hotter. Get ready to upgrade your fashion game too.
We have been talking about summer fashion tips and trends the last few weeks already. This week we take it a step further and breakdown on how to wear bold colours: the tips and basics.
Working with colours is not an easy feat. One often faces the challenge of either building a wardrobe based predominantly on one colour, or using too much colour without consideration. While we are encouraging men to embrace colour and incorporate it into their styles, it is vital that the execution is done right.
Outfitting yourself with an unconsidered selection of colours may make you look like you don’t have an idea of what you are doing, but again it is not entirely your fault if you do not put effort into mastering the art. To this effect, begin to learn the general rules of how to intergrate colours into your current style regime.
The first step in great colour management is to know the basics of colour. Pay attention to how different colours combine. Have a mental picture of this every time you go shopping for clothes.
Take note of the colours you already have in your wardrobe. Then use that knowledge to purchase items of clothing that work well with colours you already own.
Avoid buying pieces of clothing in colours you are not comfortable with. It is almost impossible to pull off a great look in an item you are not feeling good about. Do not purchase things just because they look trendy if you have no immediate plan of how to pull them off or what to wear them with.
Just because your favourite celebrity pulled off a certain look in certain colours does not mean you too will look the part if you dressed yourself up in a similar outfit. Remember, celebrities usually have clothes made to their personal specifications and their images photo-shopped for the public eye.
Learn to neutralise your bold colours. A neutralising colour is one that cancels out or weakens the effects of a bolder colour. Pay more attention to what you are wearing around the bold colour, rather than aiming to make it a stand out feature. Excellent colours you can use to neutralise bold colours include brown, black and grey.
Have a minimalist approach towards combining colours. Pick outfits with clean lines and incorporate only two or three colours. This approach is timeless and helps create a very neat overall look that works almost all the time.
Make use of similar colours. Similar colours are generally those with a similar tone. A good example is a pair of navy blue chinos worn with a lighter shade of a blue button down shirt or T-shirt.
There is no one particular way of utilising bold colours in your outfits. However, to be good at it, you will have to be willing to experiment and figure out what works for you. The few pointers above should serve as guidelines in getting you started.
Have a brilliant week ahead!