Letter to the Editor

Bars must operate in clean environment

Dear editor,
I WRITE to support all local authorities that are working round the clock to bring sanity in various districts and municipalities in Zambia.
Under the liquor licensing regulation act of 2012 and the Public Health Act, it is a serious offence for bars to operate in dirty environments and outside stipulated hours.
Most bars in townships are operating in dirty environments putting the lives of patrons at risk.
Patrons also have a role to play in compelling bar owners to have clean places by shunning such places; after all, beer is not given free of charge.
In winding up, I am suggesting to the Ministry of Local Government to make cleaning of markets obligatory on a monthly basis.
Lastly, I wish to commend water development permanent secretary Dr Eddy Chomba for being an action-oriented man and having a positive attitude towards work.

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