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Bar owners vow to defy new directive

ALTHOUGH some believe that Government has been too lenient on bars with the new coronavirus measures, the owners of these watering holes think they have been hard done – they have since vowed to disregard the directive and will instead operate as usual.
Following the discovery of a new coronavirus variant, Omicron, Government, as part of the new measures to stem its spread, announced on Sunday that bars, nightclubs and casinos should operate from 18:00 hours to 20:00 hours and only four times a week.
But Bars and Night Clubs Owners Association of Zambia (BANCOAZ) president Peter Mwale says as long as Government did not consult the stakeholders involved in the matter, they will treat the directive as null and void.
“Government should have consulted with all relevant stakeholders and find out which days are suitable for our business because we know better how we operate,” Mr Mwale said in an interview. “Who gets drunk in two hours? Our business goes with time and there is no way we can restrict our customers. We have resolved that nothing will come in our way this time.”
He said as the festive season approaches, the business of beverages builds up and attracts many customers and, as such, the two hours given for them to operate is inadequate.
“Where is the scientific proof that bars are superspreaders? How did they arrive at this conclusion? Who are we to be asking our customers to produce vaccination cards for them to enter our bars? CLICK TO READ MORE