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Ban sale of alcohol at bus stations – Lisita

BOY Empowerment International (BEI) founder Matilda Lisita has called on the local authorities to ban the sale of alcohol at bus stations.
Speaking in an interview, Ms Lisita who is also BEI executive director said the sale of alcohol in bus stations has led to the many accidents being witnessed on the road.
She said the alcohol which is sold cheaply at bus stations has found its way in the hands of street children who abuse it.
Ms Lisita observed that the development has seen many women getting harassed while in the central business district.
“Most of the time bus drivers and conductors work under the influence of alcohol and that is why sometimes they are vulgar towards our girls and women.”
Meanwhile, Ms Lisita said BEI is working in collaboration with the Drug Enforcement Commission to curb the abuse of jenkem by street children.
Jenkem is an inhalant and hallucinogen created from fermented human waste.
She said providing recreational sports facilities for the street children will deter them from negative practices.
“Currently we provide soccer balls every afternoon and they play various sports at any nearby playground just to deter them from engaging in illicit activities”, Ms Lisita said.

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