Ban prophets from making election predictions

A CLERGYMAN in Chingola says prophets should be banned from predicting election outcomes because it can be a source of violence if the prediction differs from the actual election result.

Making a submission to the commission of inquiry on voting patterns and electoral violence which sat in Chingola on Friday, Bishop Ellison Bwalya said prophets can cause divisions among people if what they say does not come to pass.
Referring to the 2016 general elections, Bishop Bwalya, who is also Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) Chingola district chairman said a lot of prophets, especially foreign ones caused anxiety in the nation because of their predictions.
“There are three types of people that can really mislead their followers: the teacher, the politician and the pastor because the followers of these people really believe whatever they say,” Bishop Bwalya said.
He said election predictions by prophets became a source of conflict among some people.
“If the prophet’s prediction does not come to pass, his followers will accuse those that won the elections of stealing the votes because to them, whatever the man of God says is gospel truth,” he said.
And Bishop Bwalya, who was also the chairperson for the conflict management committee in Chingola district said the district did not experience major incidents of violence in the run-up to the elections.
He said apart from defacing of each other’s billboards by the two major political parties, most of the electoral complaints in the district were amicably resolved.
And another resident Lameck Mkandawire recommended that political party members must not be allowed to visit their opponent’s meetings because this can cause violence.
Another resident Albert Chipampe observed that voting patterns in Chingola were motivated by traditional cousinship.


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