Letter to the Editor

Bad job on RTSA potholes

Dear editor,
I HAVE noted with disappointment that the potholes at the Road Transport and Safety Agency, (RTSA) have come back again. This is before the end of the rainy season and those potholes are gaping again.
The situation is quite dangerous for motorists because those coming from the direction of ZAMCOM have to swerve a little to the opposite lane.
At the best, there are cones which have been placed on ‘danger spots’ maybe to signify that there is danger ahead. This is not enough.
When those potholes were covered, I expected they would last beyond the rainy season. Since they have come back I am bound to conclude that whoever was contracted did a bad job. These are the contratcors who take our country backwards. They are only interested in getting money but not doing a good job. Shame.
I hope RTSA will get a better contractor this time. That place needs someone who will patch up the holes to last for a long time to come.

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