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Background not determining factor

MERCY Chitongo’s current economic and social status is testimony to the theory that one’s background does not determine one’s fate.
By all standards, Mercy would still be struggling to make a livelihood in Chibangabwe village, where she was born 24 years ago.
However, sheer courage, focus and determination have helped her shape out a future she had desired for.
In a recent interview, Mercy shared what has been the driving force behind her transition from the girl of Chibangabwe village to a now successful business lady.
“With hard work and commitment, I managed to complete my primary and secondary education and I am currently pursuing a bachelor of business studies with education at Kwame Nkrumah University in Kabwe.
Mercy is the only child of her mother, but has other siblings as her mother was in a polygamous marriage.
“My family is not financially well-off, and so because I am goal oriented, I have resolved to work extra hard and not feel pity on myself because of my family circumstances. I wouldn’t want to remain poor simply because am coming from a poor family,” she said.
I always refuse to be defined by my current situation and remain poor for the rest of my life rather be defined by how I want my CLICK TO READ MORE