B1 in Vegas, Dandy in Oasis

DANDY and B1.

THERE were many options available for Ndola revellers during the Easter holiday, but for those that love to take in local music, the choice was between watching B1 and King Dandy who both had performances on Good Friday.
While B1 was performing at Klub Vegas Cave, King Dandy was at the Oasis Pub. Interesting, B1 was at Klub Vegas a little under a year for a performance while King Dandy was at the newly- opened Oasis Pub barely a month ago.
In a way, it was a case of continuing from where they ended the last time they performed the respective venues.
At Oasis Pub, Dandy was supported by Zam Check Sounds and female songbird Penjina who impressed with her song Nalikutemwa.
The audience loved her.
But unlike last time when he stepped on stage around midnight, this time around, his performance started a little early.
As has become his custom lately, he entered the stage with the introduction Chuku Chuku. With the introduction done, he immediately went into songs like Looking Into My Eyes, Lubuto, Dibili Dibili, Pompa and Dozola Inuma.
While King Dandy was doing his shift at Oasis, things were also happening at Klub Vegas.
While the revellers were waiting for B1 to hit the stage, Mwila Mulenga warmed the stage with R’n’B covers while Cass Man mimicked kalindula kingpin P.K. Chishala.
It was a night which had everything.
There was also some rhumba played by Chriss Back. He was complemented by Dacosta and his dancing queens who were a delight to watch with their dancing moves.
But the main act was of course B1.

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