Awakening Mwinilunga’s economy

SITUATED about 290km west of Solwezi, the provincial headquarters , Mwinilunga is one district of North-Western Province with great industrial development potential but has remained economically inactive for a long time.
It is one of the 11 districts of North-Western Province and among the oldest cantons in the region, having been created by the colonial government years before Zambia got her independence 56 years ago.
The district has an estimated population of about 117, 505 people, with an annual rainfall of about 1, 400 millimetres, making it one of the wettest places in Zambia.
The district has risen to fame following the discovery of gold deposits at Kasenseli village in Chief Chibwika area in 2009.
However, the major economic activity in Mwinilunga is pineapple farming, which sustains the livelihoods of many people in the district, including the neighboring district of Ikeleng’e.
But for many years, most of the pineapples grown here have been going to waste, mainly owing to lack of a steady market for CLICK TO READ MORE

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