AVIC true ally in national development

AVIC International’s resolve to continue collaborating with Government is indeed commendable.
Given the stature of AVIC, its influence on the country’s socio-economic development is massive.
The company has been instrumental in the L400 project, which has spruced up the capital city, Lusaka, as well as opening up several areas which were impassable, and tarred most of the gravel roads, thus improving the quality of life as well as raising the value of property.
AVIC is also constructing new terminals at the country’s two major airports – Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola.
These two airports will raise the country’s profile and contribute to tourist inflows.
AVIC is building most of the new houses for police stations around the country to give our men and women in uniform decent accommodation.
Currently, AVIC has employed about 3,000 citizens directly and a further 1,000 through the various sub-contractors in Lusaka.
The firm also has several sub-contractors on the Copperbelt, thereby contributing to the economic diversification of the region.
It has attracted both skilled and semi-skilled workers who have gained jobs directly and indirectly. It is committed to working with Government to develop Zambia’s economy by addressing various challenges affecting the people. A contractor of such magnitude who keeps thousands of citizens in employment and supports their livelihood is an asset to the country’s economy.
AVIC’s presence in Zambia is very critical and the country needs it on our economic front.
Of late, however, AVIC seems to have abandoned some sub-contractors, especially on the Copperbelt.
The Chinese international firm has abandoned some projects due to lack of funding.
It has also laid off some workers, besides impacting sub-contractors negatively.
However, on Saturday, it re-committed to working with Government in addressing the country’s socio-economic conditions.
AVIC International-China Medical Team (CMT) leader Jiang Hongwei said China and Zambia will continue to work together in various economic sectors such as health, agriculture and the transport sector, among others.
Dr Jiang said during the 2019 Africa Freedom Day – Free Medical Activity for the community on Saturday that China is ready to offer free medical diagnosis to the community to improve health.
The medical camp, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) of AVIC, demonstrated the firm’s commitment to aiding Zambia beyond infrastructure development.
The medical camp is a social wing of the company’s L400 project – a symbol of the friendship between Zambia and China.
It is gratifying to see AVIC giving back not only to its employees but the communities in which it operates.
We know that AVIC can do better than just a medical camp given its financial muscle.
Having worked in Zambia for more than two years now, AVIC understands the country’s needs and should scale up its CSR activities.
The L-400 project is undoubtedly a success story which has become an envy in the Southern African Development Community and the entire African Roads Maintenance Fund Association (ARMFA).
It is China’s contribution to infrastructure development and the construction sector in Zambia.
Each time ARMFA meetings are held for information sharing on best road maintenance practices in Africa, the L-400 is always used as the best practice.
We take it that the medical camp AVIC held on Saturday to give Africa Freedom Day meaning to its workers and communities around it, is the beginning of the many good CSR activities to come.