Letter to the Editor

Authorities, please curb counterfeit products

Dear editor,
IT IS worrying to see the escalating levels of counterfeit products being manufactured in Zambia.
The latest development of a Chinese man who has been selling suspected untreated water using Aquasavanna labels on 20-litre water bottles is worrying as it is a danger on the health of members of the public, who are confident that they are buying genuine Aquasavanna mineral water.
It is also denting the image of Fairy Bottling, the original manufacturer of Aquasavanna.
I would like to commend Fairy Bottling chief executive officer Mohammed Saili for the effort he made to find the culprits who were selling fake Aquasavanna mineral water on the market.
With such kind of behaviour by some members of the public, how can we completely eradicate waterborne diseases?
Could the authorities such as Zambia Bureau of Standards please step up and ensure that culprits making and selling counterfeit products are dealt with accordingly in our society.

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