Letter to the Editor

Audit 2018 teacher recruitment exercise

Dear editor,
I AM deeply saddened by the levels of corruption in our country which is affecting service delivery in various sectors.

It is sad that public officers are tarnishing the image of our government by allowing corruption to continue in Zambia.
There are thousands of teachers who have diplomas and certificates who have failed to get employment in government schools due to rampant corruption in the Ministry of Education.
I am requesting President Edgar Lungu to intervene to ensure that investigations are conducted into the teacher recruitment process.
I propose that the recruitment be nullified and allow independent auditors to audit the process.
This should also be extended to the Ministry of Health.
It is through corruption that we end up with fake teachers.
If we are really serious about developing our country and improving the quality of service delivery across all sectors, there is need to ensure that qualified people are employed.
It is however saddening that those entrusted with the recruitment processes are allowing quacks into government systems.
Lastly, we need to make integrity a requirement for every employment process.
The problem of corruption is basically lack of integrity in some of our office-bearers.

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