Attorney General nominee: LAZ objects


THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has submitted to parliament that though Likando Kalaluka, the presidential nominee to the office of the Attorney General, is a sober man of good character and professional integrity, he does not have the necessary experience.
LAZ vice-president Linda Kasonde, in her submission to the parliamentary select committee, said the association is satisfied that the nominee meets the threshold of being qualified to hold the position of a High Court judge having attained eleven years at the bar, one more year than the required minimum of 10 years.
Ms Kasonde said LAZ is, however, of the view that although Mr Kalaluka is a competent lawyer, both state counsels and council members who had appeared in the courts with him think that he needed increased experience and exposure at the bar to merit the job.
“It was the view of some members of the association that at 11 years at the bar, Mr Kalaluka needed a little more experience and exposure before being appointed to the office,” she said in her submission.
She said while Mr Kalaluka held a  senior position in the leadership of LAZ, he has only held the position for a year and holding the position for a longer period would increase his visibility and the confidence that the profession will have in him.
Ms Kasonde said LAZ is also of the view that Mr Kalaluka, with a little more experience in the profession and in the association, should be able to attain these qualities.
“LAZ does not support the appointment of Mr Kalaluka as attorney general at this time,” she stated further in her submission.
President Lungu  has nominated Mr Kalaluka, who is currently LAZ Honorary Secretary, to serve as Attorney General.

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