Attempts by George to sanitise

PART of the old Chitukuko market which has existed in George for many years and where charcoal trading is a common business. The market is in Zingalume or Soweto area, which is part of Lima Ward 26 under which George Township falls.

ONE of the most populated townships in Lusaka is George, which is part of Lima Ward 26.
George is notable for having one of the oldest markets in Lusaka, the Chifundo market, and also as the area where former Vice president Guy Scott’s family farm was located.
In the late 70s, the Lusaka City Council (LCC) led a programme to depopulate George Township.
The council moved some people from the main George Township area to the one that was popularly called Chitukuko.
The term ‘Chitukuko’ denoted the progress that was being witnessed in the area, especially following the depopulation exercise.
The popularity of the term also inspired the naming of a car park, a guest house and even a market in the area.
It later changed to Soweto.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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