Letter to the Editor

Attempt to gut Daily Nation an act of terrorism

Dear editor,
IT IS sad that some people attempted to set ablaze the Daily Nation premises using petrol bombs during the night of Sunday July 9, 2017.

They could have destroyed properties had it not been for the quick action by the alert security guards and other employees.
Zambia has in the recent past witnessed some incidents of gutting of public buildings and other public installations such the Zesco pylons.
The recent gutting of City Market has caused untold miseries among marketeers, who have lost goods worth millions of Kwacha.
The motive of setting Daily Nation premises on fire is not known and this is not good. It is like the arsonists have resorted to burning media houses. This is an act of terrorism and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.
Media plays a critical role in the country by reporting on events happening both within and outside the country. This, in turn, helps people make informed decisions as they are kept abreast of current affairs. In short, media houses are partners in development.
Someone in their right frame of mind cannot think of torching private and public properties.

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