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Assault of Lubinda needs probe

Dear editor,
THE assault on Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda by unknown people as reported by your newspaper cannot go without comment.
As it is already known by all and sundry, Mr Lubinda is the country’s Minister of Justice and in my opinion, is one of the hardworking and articulate ministers.
My take is that this assault is political and l urge the police to go deeper and bring the culprits and their sponsors to book.
I am further persuaded to say that there can never be a reason for this barbaric act other than NDF Bills, which he has since presented to Parliament.
It seems those opposed to the NDF have realised that the Public Order Act and Electoral Bills cannot be stopped as they only need simple majority and PF has those numbers in the House.
Mr Lubinda is a senior member of Government. Assaulting him is an assault on the PF and Government as a whole, and hence, the need for police to act swiftly and decisively.