Aslot where people survive on bicycles

BICYCLES stationed at one of the locations in Chipata.

ASLOT is a common route for bicycle transporters operating on the Umodzi High Way in Chipata City.
The city of Chipata is well-known for its large number of bicycles in townships. Owning a bicycle gives a sense of pride to many residents in the area, especially in Aslot Township where people depend on bicycle transportation to earn a living.
Michael Banda, 36, a father of five, is one of the many bicycle transporters in Aslot who ply their trade on Umodzi Highway.
The business enables him to fend for his family and send his five children to school.
Mr Banda bought his first bicycle in 2017 after working for someone for three years as a bicycle transporter.
From the time he bought his own bicycle, he has managed to construct a three bed-room house in Aslot on the piece of land he inherited from his late parents.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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