Ask for price before goods, services are rendered

Dear CCPC,
IS what some hairdressers do in order? They have no fixed prices for hair patterns and they have no lists for price checks but charge based on the customer’s appearance. For instance, if one drives, or is carrying an expensive handbag, then they are charged more. Is there a body that regulates hairdressers? Please help, we are being exploited.
Hello GM,
Thank you for writing to us. Looking at your concern, this practice is not justified – it is also known as first-degree price discrimination under the Competition and consumer Protection Act (CCPA). For a case to be established such a shop has to be big and popular enough to attract at least three out of 10 customers seeking hairdressing services at any given time.
Hairdressers who are found in established settings normally do not charge prices based on how a consumer is dressed or a car you are driving. this is inconsequential to the price of a product or a service.
The advocacy campaigns are aimed at encouraging retailers to put price tags so that consumers can refer to them easily as they compare prices.
The fortunate thing is that as a consumer you have the purchasing decision and a choice. You can do a simple survey of a few shops to ask for a price, quality, and thereafter, compare the enterprises based on your findings.
Consumers should be able to ask for a price before a service is rendered. No matter the environment, consumers should not allow for price negotiations midway to service delivery but should make it a priority to establish the price first. Because once a service is offered to them, there is no option but to pay for it.
It is for this reason that CCPC encourages consumers to shop around for goods and services before making a purchasing decision. it is not uncommon to find two shops offering the same service but having a different price tag. you will find that at salon (A) plaiting a particular hairstyle is pegged at K60 while at a neighbouring shop (B) it is priced at K50. In an event that the customer has been charged more than the stated amount, then that’s an offence.
The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) is the primary consumer body which looks at all consumer and market competition issues. hairdressers offer a service, therefore, they fall under the CCPC.
It is also important to give full information when you write to us which is treated as confidential. You have not mentioned whether you experienced this situation in Lusaka or on the Copperbelt or elsewhere.
For any other queries and concerns, feel free to report any to us on the details below.
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