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TRUCKS with copper at the Zambia-Botswana Kazungula Border Post. PICTURE: EDDIE MWANALEZA

Asia dominates exports

ASIA was Zambia’s dominant export market for traditional exports during the first half of 2018, accounting for over K12.8 billion.
This is out of export earnings of about K30 billion, according to the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry statistical bulletin first and second quarter 2018.
Although the country’s trade exports have increased in 2018 compared to the previous year on account of increased production of mainly copper and cobalt, Zambia has continued to import more than it exports.
During the period under review, imports were K65.8 billion, meaning that the country imported more than it has continued to export.
“The country exported K12,839.0 million exports and imported K16,278.0 million. Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa exports were K5,627 million and imports K15,703.90 million,” the report notes.
Within Asia, China was the dominant export market, accounting for 45.9 percent while other notable markets were Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Japan.
Major export products to Asia were copper blister, cathodes of refined copper, copper anodes for electrolytic refining and