Artists work in isolation

ARTISTS are usually perceived as lonely people, or are they? Joseph Mvula, famed for his spray painting art, begs to differ.
“In this period of social isolation, many artists will attest that it is a best moment to work. The time calls for concentration for ideas to chronologically flow in your cognitive,” says Mvula, who also plies as Primo Arts.
“As Primo Arts, we have always mandated ourselves to get arts and photography works done. This time around, we have continued to work in isolation not because of our own making but due to the guidelines given by the authority of the nation as this will help to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“So in our isolation, we have managed to come up with life changing projects. Among others include a video on COVID-19 which I believe is still receiving overwhelming applause from the general society locally and internationally.”
In the video, which Primo Arts has posted on YouTube, the message is that people should observe the health guidelines that have been given by relevant authorities about the CLICK TO READ MORE

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