‘Artists for a Smart Zambia’ mean business

IT is good that a group of artists have tapped into President Lungu’s idea of job and wealth creation through a Smart Zambia initiative.
A group of artists calling itself Artists for a Smart Zambia on Tuesday held a meeting in Lusaka with some chief executive officers and discussed how challenging times could create opportunities for wealth creation.
The questions that were asked; How do we see life in our business at this time? Is it grey or do we see a ray of life or hope? How do we grow that ray of hope into something tangible?
For Donald Malenga: “…We need to look beyond our normal business ideas and perspectives. To look beyond the things we know – mining, farming, hotels and shops.
“We need to be inspired and we need to inspire others. We need to create our own home grown inspiration plan. We can create change and hope through inspiration. We can create one million jobs through inspiration. We can grow the economy through inspiration. We can help create unity, peace and national wellness through inspiration.”
Ministry of commerce, trade and industry director for domestic trade and commerce Georgina Kasapatu, who represented government at the forum, made some observations.
First, she acknowledged that the meeting was held on the principle that sharing information on very important topics is key in moving the country’s development agenda forward.
“You will agree with me that the government and the private sector need to work together to embrace Zambia’s participation in the regional and global economies by encouraging and fostering business innovations,” she said.
Geo rg in a n o t e d t h a t d e s p i t e t h e c u r r e n t e c o n o m i c h e a d w i n d s , A f r i c a s t i l l remains one for the f a s t e s t growing regions globally.
“Whether it be from the World Bank, leading economic institutions or independent study, all statistics show that Africa has potential and is headed for unprecedented growth,’ she said.
“However, the question each one of us should ask is how much of the growth prospect is driven by our own businesses, ideas and innovations?”
Artists for a Smart Zambia coordinator Chande Kapundu said challenging times are exciting times for growth and expansion. The innovative artist added that such times are wonde r ful o p p o r t u n i t i e s f o r leaders and leadership teams to distinguish themselves.
Kapundu observed that no organisation can build a coherent culture without people who believe or share in its core values or possess the willingness and ability to embrace that value.
He added that the real challenge for any chief executive officer is to keep the energy of all the people in the organisation positive and level-headed for high performance.
I saw Kapundu’s observation closely linked to President Lungu’s remarks in his speech to the first session of the eleventh National Assembly in which he talked about the need to change the thinking and working culture if we the country was to develop.
Donald, who applies Labyrinth gardens technique in mind transforming exercise, was right on many aspects.
“There are many businesses in which we can get started with little money utilising the skills we already have. In these challenging times, we need to be creative, to be bold, to step outside our normal comfort zone and onto an exciting path,” he said.
“Challenging times are times for opportunities and exciting if we want them to be.”
Ultimately, President Lungu’s Smart Zambia Initiative offers diverse opportunities for jobs and wealth creation.

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