Article 31 restores sanity


INSPECTOR General of police Kakoma Kanganja has urged Zambians to maintain the same level of peace and sanity the country is enjoying, after the period of the threatened state of emergency elapses.

Parliament in July approved the invocation of Article 31 of the republican Constitution and the subsequent proclamation of a threatened state of emergency by President Lungu which will apply for three months.
This followed a series of apparent arson attacks which left public and private facilities like City Market partially burnt.
Speaking in an interview yesterday, Mr Kanganja said the invocation of Article 31 has helped restore sanity in the country.
“It is performing very well. Our officers are adhering to the rules that were specified, and we have not received any complaints of them abusing the power they were given.
“This is why there is peace in the country, and this is how a country should be. Our appeal now to people is that they remain peaceful even after the threatened state of emergency is lifted,” he said.
Mr Kanganja said he will issue a statement on the fate of suspected arsonists who were arrested in connection with the burning of Lusaka City Market.
Mr Kanganja said no new arrests have been made and members of the public are complying with the police.

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