Letter to the Editor

Arrogance of drivers on roads worrying

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my concern on the current rate of road traffic accidents in Zambia which are slowly becoming the number one cause of death.
There is nothing that has not been said about the behaviour of most of the drivers on Zambian roads.
It all amounts to arrogant, rude and egoistic behaviour. My observation is that most of the big buses on long distance routes travel at more than 120 km/hour putting the life of passengers at risks.
I suggest all bus owners should indicate their phone numbers both inside and outside their buses so that passengers can send them text messages if they find that their lives are in danger due to careless diving. Road Transport and Safety Agency should also come up with stiffer penalties both to the bus owners and their drivers.
These drivers are simply killers on the wheel. It appears sensitisation has failed and Zambia cannot afford to continue losing precious lives due careless and dangerous driving.

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