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Arrest young people patronising drinking places

Dear editor,
IT IS very disappointing to see young people patronising drinking places such as bars and night clubs in Zambia. Some boys and girls as young as 13 years abuse alcohol with impunity.
What is even mind boggling is the fact that some of these young people who abuse alcohol are pupils. This is degradation of morals on the part of our children.
Abuse of alcohol and drugs by the young people is counterproductive to the country. Young people should instead be focused on education for their own benefits and the country. They should embrace hard work to become responsible citizens now and in future.
One way of addressing alcohol abuse by young people who patronise drinking places is for the council police and their counterparts from the Zambia Police Service to conduct random visits to these drinking places. The young people found wanting and the owners of these bars and night clubs should be arrested and ultimately prosecuted to face the wrath of the law. This will deter the would-be offenders.
It is high time the vice of alcohol abuse is addressed. And lastly, this is food for thought for His Worship the Lusaka Mayor, Mr. Miles Sampa.

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