Armyworms make annual return

A FALL armyworm, which is a larva of a moth, crawls into the leafy funnel of a maize plant and eats up the middle part of the plant, leaving young plants with no chance of survival.

DURING the 2018-2019 farming season, farmers faced numerous challenges affecting successful cultivation of the country’s staple food, maize. One of the most menacing challenges turned out to be an invasion of the fall armyworm (FAW).
Other challenges facing the agriculture sector ranged from late distribution of agricultural inputs, to effects of climate change manifested in the form of floods in some parts of the country and droughts in others.
FAW is a pest that feeds on leaves and stems of more than 80 plant species, causing major damage to the maize crop.
Yet again, in this rainy season, as early as January 1, FAW had already broken out in Mapangazya area in Chikankata district of Southern Province, affecting five camps.
Chikankata district agriculture coordinator (DACO) Phanuel Nyimba said the pests had invaded Mapangazya, Simutwe and other parts of the district causing devastating effects.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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