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Army worm traps installed in Northern Province

THE Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has installed armyworm traps in selected agriculture camps in Northern Province for early detection of the pests during this farming season.
Northern Province acting agricultural co-ordinator Charles Kapalasha said in an interview yesterday that 17 army worm traps have been installed in various agriculture camps to help extension officers to detect infestation during this farming season.
“The armyworm traps act as an early warning system, these traps have been installed in various farming areas, when we catch three or four armyworms, then we know that we are going to have an invasion of the pests,” Mr Kapalasha said.
He said armyworm traps are important devices, which enable agriculture extension officers to prepare adequately to prevent invasion of crops by the pests.
Mr Kapalasha also said Government has procured pesticides to combat armyworms and the region is adequately prepared to prevent invasion of crops by the pests.
He also said agriculture extension officers have embarked on sensitising farmers on how to combat armyworms and how they can protect their crops from being infested.
Mr Kapalasha said it is important for the region to prepare adequately for army worm invasion because the pests are destructive and pose a threat to national food security.
He also said the distribution of farm inputs under the farmers input support programme (FISP) is progressing well.

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