‘Armed’ Rainbow Party members arrested

POLICE in Luwingu have arrested two suspected Rainbow Party members for alleged unlawful possession of a pistol.
John Siame, 37, and Peter Kashala, 30, both of Lusaka, were apprehended on Sunday around 11:00 hours at Big Brother bar in Lubansenshi.
Northern Province acting commissioner of police Lackson Sakala said in an interview yesterday that police have recovered a 4.5 millimetre calibre firearm with 12 rounds of ammunition.
“I can confirm that we arrested two suspected Rainbow Party cadres for allegedly being in illegal possession of a firearm. The duo came from Lusaka to drum up support for the party candidate in the nominations for the Lubansenshi parliamentary by-election,” Mr Sakala said.
He said police have charged Siame and Kashala with unlawful possession of a firearm.
Mr Sakala said the duo was apprehended after some patrons at Big Brother bar alerted police officers upon discovering that one of them had a gun in the back pocket of his trousers.
He said police have detained Siame and Kashala and they will appear in court today.

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