Are women now feeling luckier than men?

Torn Apart: BOYD PHIRI
SO PAMELA is the richest woman among female bankers alleged to have stolen from banks in the recent past.
It has become apparent, following two more bank heists involving women, that Pamela’s alleged loot still tops the list.
Over $400,000 to her name is no mean achievement, even the richest man in the world would tell you.
Forget about K59,000 allegedly stolen by a Zanaco female employee in Monze who has since been arrested, you have to be a fugitive like Pamela to feel lucky.
Maybe Phanny Chaponda, a former Zanaco employee alleged to have stolen K500,000 from the bank recently, can claim to be closer to Pamela’s feat.
Needless to say, people have not forgotten Precious Longwe’s K200,000 loot from a bank which has since led her to jail apart from the life sentence she received for killing her husband.

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